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Do you want to know more about the local people,culture, and life?

Do you need to focus on your studies or work?

If so, Homestay is the best way to do it.

We at aardwolf safaris provide affordable and comfortable home stay-experiences for travelers to Kenya. Visitors stay in private Kenyan homes thereby giving them an opportunity to learn about the various Kenyan cultures

Homestays are an ideal way to experience Kenyan life. This kind of 'cultural exchange' tourism is popular with visiting student groups, and those with an interest in Kenyan culture.

These beautiful homes let the visitor enjoy Kenya in total luxury and privacy, with their own timetables and interests catered for by skilled an knowledgeable local guides.

The real advantage of a Kenyan homestay is the opportunity to spend time with Kenyans and their families, and to share the benefit of their many years of local experience and intimate knowledge of the country, its people and wildlife.


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