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Kigali City Tour



AASR-1: Kigali City Tour

Kigali city is a central place , usually a visit around the city is highly recommended to give you a sample of Rwandese culture , past events and rich colonial history. Kigali

The Kigali city tour will open you Rwanda’s modern and historical buildings including trips to genocide memorial sites, museums, bars, local and international restaurants, arts and crafts shops, local markets and so many more places of your choice




Kigali City Tour Places To visit

Drive around the city: Take a guided drive around the city to see the first modern building from which the capital city was first founded, to the current developed city. During the drive, visit the Government building, Avenue du Commerce, Hotel Rwanda where the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ shot.visit local art &crafts shop to get an African souvenir, enjoy a guided tour around the national museum to learn about Rwanda’s rich colonial and cultural history, trek mount Kigali, drive around New , Old Kigali city and Nyamirambo neighborhood.

Extend you stay in Kigali and visit other similarly interesting places as mentioned below kandt-museum-rwanda

Visit the Kandt Museum: The Kandt museum found at the base of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali. It is in the same place that the German explorer Dr. Kadnt resided.

Visit Presidential Palace Museum: This palace was for the former president Habyarimana who passed away in 1994 in a plane crush in the presidential compound. It is his death that launched a dark era of the genocide.

Genocide Memorial Center: Visit the Gisozi Genocide site to learn of the dark times of 100 days of genocide in the entire country in 1994.

Nyamata Church Genocide Site: This is another site in Kigali where the genocide took place, over 5000 people in the and around this church in 1994.

Art Museum: Visit Inema Arts Center for contemporary African art, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, African fabrics and leatherworks. At the museum, visitors will be treated to some cool performances by the young kids at the art museum.


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