Our Ethical Principals.

The Code of Conduct for all Staff Members and Directors at Aardwolf Africa Safaris Ltd. is based on the principles of best practice and ethical behavior for the company’s open, transparent and constructive business style.

Every Staff member at Aardwolf Africa Safaris is required to abide by our ethical principles & values:

At all times, behave with Integrity - be fair, courteous and respectful in all dealings with:

  • Customers, workmates, superiors, juniors, authorities, business partners, suppliers and the

At all times, apply a professional approach in your duties and observe the rules of good:

  • Business practice internally and
  • At all times, be in Compliance with the Law
  • At all times, be Loyal to Aardwolf Africa Safaris
  • At all times, be conscious of our responsibility towards society and the environment.


The Code of Conduct is communicated to each member of staff on engagement, and the management is required to ensure adherence of the same by all staff members. In-Training is also provided periodically.

Reporting & Action.

Should there be any violation of the Code of Conduct, disciplinary action will be instituted, which may include dismissal of both the staff member committing the violation and any other employee who deliberately permits the violation to occur.

Confidentiality, Transparency & Accountability.

  • All activities and business of Aardwolf Africa Safaris must be executed in the best interest of the Company and fair practice. All situations which could lead to a conflict between the interests of Aardwolf Africa Safaris and the personal interests of an employee/employees are not permitted
  • No employee may abuse their position, their knowledge of confidential information or the property of Aardwolf Africa Safaris Ltd. to their personal advantage, nor give preferential treatment to any internal or external person or company known to them.
  • Company business secrets shall not be
  • No employee may pass on any confidential information or business secrets of Aardwolf Africa Safaris to any third party, including family members or friends. This includes any confidential information about customers, employees or business partners. The only exemption to this rule is if such divulgence is required by law. Any data for Company use should not be acquired by illegal means.

The above obligations shall continue to apply following any termination of employment from Aardwolf Africa Safaris Ltd. On termination of employment  -  all  documents  and  items  containing  confidential information shall be returned to Aardwolf Africa Safaris.


  • External Communication - only authorized persons are permitted to provide information externally, on company
  • Internal Communication - Employees shall be informed about developments which affect them and about the company’s business strategy and
  • All employees are personally responsible for ensuring that their information and communication tools are used professionally and in compliance with the Law and Company regulations and
  • Telephone, Internet, social media and any correspondence using Company facilities shall be restricted to business-related correspondence. These facilities should only be used for business purposes.
  • Access, distribution and storage of data which is of an offensive, immoral, illegal or degrading nature are

Corruption & Bribery:

Bribery and corruption are criminal offences and prohibited. A “bribe” is any financial or other advantage which is offered, provided, authorized, requested or received as an inducement or reward for the improper performance of a person’s relevant function or the receipt of which is improper. Exchanges of small gifts and hospitality are normal tokens of courtesy and friendliness between business partners and colleagues. On no account, however, may they be given, offered or received with the intent or prospect of influencing decision making or other conduct. In the event of any uncertainty in such cases in terms of the limits of acceptable business practice, employees should consult with Management.

Inter-personal Conflict Management:

All employees shall familiarize themselves with the good business practice applicable to their area of activity, and shall behave with integrity and in compliance with the law.

Should there be any serious ethical conflict with colleagues and/or their superiors the employees should apply common sense judgment and determine the best course of action to be taken to resolve the issue in good faith. Harassment or bullying is not tolerated and has no place here. In the event there is no resolution, the matter shall be referred to the Management.

Statutory Laws and Internal Regulations:

  • Each individual employee of Aardwolf Africa Safaris is personally obliged to comply with all applicable Laws, rules and regulations of the Country. They are equally obliged to abide by the internal rules, regulations of Aardwolf Africa Safaris.
  • All employees shall familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and guidelines which are relevant to their business activity.
  • All requisite authorizations must be obtained from the authorities responsible.
  • In the event of any uncertainties all employees are obliged to inform the management.

Social Responsibility:

  • We adhere to the foundations and principals for responsible, sustainable tourism by taking into account the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of our business. We believe this is one of the fairest ways to be good corporate citizens.
  • We achieve this by purposefully choosing to partner with local communities at the destination, with the key objective to create viable, long-term partnerships that are a winning scenario for wildlife, wildernesses and people.
  • We seek to adhere to the professional Code of Ethics as prescribed in our membership with both International and Local Professional associations and organizations.
  • We endeavor to maximize the positive economic, social and cultural effects of tourism while minimizing its negative social and environmental impacts.

We ensure effectiveness of our social responsibility by adapting the following strategies:

  • We integrate the objectives of our social responsibility in our business activities.
  • We analyze and select our suppliers in line with their sustainability performance
  • We propagate the activities of our social responsibility to our business partners.
  • We continuously expand the range of our sustainable products and engage with our customers in their promotion.
  • We continuously monitor and measure our performance in our social responsibility activities.


Aardwolf Africa Safaris - in its core business as Destination Service Agent acknowledges its ethical responsibility to all its partners and clients. Aardwolf Africa Safaris carefully selects its suppliers to compliment and propel this principle.

Aardwolf Africa Safaris therefore encourages its suppliers to meet the following requirements:

1. Compliance with all Statutory Laws of the Destination

Aardwolf Africa Safaris requires its Suppliers to comply with all applicable international, national and local laws and regulations, industry minimum standards and any other relevant statutory requirements.

2. Compliance with Employee Basic legal and human rights

Aardwolf Africa Safaris requires the Supplier not to practice any form of discrimination to its employees or customers. This includes discrimination based on gender, age, disability, religion, race, tribe, social background, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.

Supplier will not engage in any workplace mal-practice, intimidation and conditions which violate basic rights of its employees or customers. This includes or physical abuse, mental torture, any kind of sexual harassment and other forms of human rights violations.

Supplier shall provide a safe and hygienic working environment and take all adequate steps to prevent diseases, accidents and injuries arising during work.

3. Employment Terms, Wages & Remuneration

The Supplier must meet the legal minimum employment terms and conditions. This includes working terms and conditions including working hours of employees, statutory deductions, annual leave, sick and maternity leave, promotions and benefits - must conform to the legal requirements.

4. Forced labour, Child labour and sexual exploitation.

The Supplier shall not make use of any form of forced labour. Supplier shall not employ children younger than 18 years of age unless local minimum age law stipulates a younger age. Supplier shall not allow or tolerate any child prostitution at its premises and facilities. The supplier shall report any suspicions of any of the above to the competent local authorities.

5. Anti-Bribery and Anti–Corruption

Aardwolf Africa Safaris requires the Supplier to refrain from engaging in any form of bribery or corruption.

The Supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Aardwolf Africa Safaris requires its suppliers and those who act on its behalf to report any suspicious, risky or corrupt conduct.

6. Environment Conservation

Suppliers shall actively minimize their negative impact on the environment. Supplier will reduce waste of all types to the greatest extent. This can be achieved through reduction of energy and water wastage, abolish the use of harmful chemicals; adapt mandatory standards for waste management, emissions and effluent treatment and disposal.

7. Promote and empower Local Commerce

Aardwolf Africa Safaris encourages its Suppliers to source locally from the local communities at the destination. This promotes economic empowerment and a direct benefit of Tourism to the local community.

8. Compliance Failure

If a Supplier is found to be in breach of the Law and or Ethics of the business (e.g. disregard of environmental protection regulations, evidence of child labour, promotion of child prostitution, discrimination, corruption, Aardwolf Africa Safaris is entitled to terminate the contract and cease cooperation with the Supplier with immediate effect.

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