How To Plan Your Massai Mara Safari Within Affordable Package?

People often think going on a safari is very expensive, which is actually not. But who doesn’t want to enjoy a well known place with full of nature and wildlife in a very affordable way!

Famous for its splendid wildlife, Massai Mara offers extended Savannah with spectacular views of hills. As one of the most visited parks in Africa, Massai Mara can be located on the southern part of Kenya. In your Kenya Safari Tours, you will find the most interesting event that is great wildebeest migration only in Massai Mara. Kenya Safaris are also famous for its scenic landscapes and vast diverse wildlife.

Massai Mara is the home for African Big five and also for more than 500 bird species. You can see the highest concentration of predators and other herbivores gathering on the extended Savannah grasslands in Kenya Tours And Safari.

Where Is Masai Mara National Reserve?

Masai Mara National Reserve is located on the south-west of Kenya and share border with Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. Named after the “Massai tribe”, the national reserve is a landscape with vast classic savannah in Narok County. For the spotted trees like dots on the landscapes, it has got the name “Mara” which means “spotted” in the local Massai language.

Best Time Travel To Kenya

Are you wondering the Best Time For Kenya Safari for Massai Mara National Reserve? Massai Mara offers an excellent wildlife view all year around. However, late June to October is the peak tourist season for Massai Mara. For fewer crowds, you can also visit in the dry month from December to March. To watch the game played by the Serengeti-Massai Mara ecosystem, August to early October is the best time as the great migration stays in Massai Mara till October.

Masai Mara National Reserve Fees

You have to pay $80 per person for 24 hours whereas; it costs $70 for non-resident adults inside the park. For the non-resident student adult, the fee is $40 and for student children, it costs $20.

Masai Mara National Reserve History

Massi mara National reserve has established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1961, the area was extended to the east to cover 1,821 sq km later. Most of the part of park got the national reserve status in 1971 after the Narok County Council took over the management of this park under its control. The remaining 159 sq km area was given to local communities.

In 1976, the area of 162 sq km removed from the reserve and the reserve became an area of 1510 sq km. From 1994, the management and control of this reserve is divided between the newly formed TransMara County Council and Narok County Council. The management for Mara Triangle has gone to Mara Conservancy in May 2001.

The Massai community has distributed all part of Kenya, especially in Massai Mara. They rely upon the cattle and land for the living. They were forced to leave from their land for the conservation of wildlife.

Safari To Massai Mara National Reserve (2 Nights 1 Day Itineraries)

As Aardwolf Africa Safari Tours is one of the best tour or destination management organization, we offer 2 Nights 1 Day Masai Mara Tour Package with accommodations to meet your demand and desire. Let’s take a look on safari itinerary for Massai Mara National Reserve provided through our Kenya Safari Packages:

1st Day– On the 1st day, we will drive you from Nairobi to the lodge in Massai Mara for your lunch. After taking the rest, we will drive you to show you the fascinated wildlife game view in the afternoon. You can enjoy the stunning view of sunset on the vast savannah landscape. In the evening, we will take you to your lodge for the dinner and better sleep.

2nd Day– On the morning, after your breakfast we’ll drive you for wildlife view. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon safari by drifting over the vast savannah grassland, if you want to. You will get fantastic opportunity to spot the African big five Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard and Buffalo.

If the visiting day lies in between late August and early October, then you will definitely going to enjoy the wildebeest migration. As a greatest wildlife reserves, you will get a lot of opportunities to enjoy the rare wildlife activities.

In the afternoon, we will make your cultural tour to the Massai village. You will get enough opportunities to mixed up and learn about the culture and tradition of the most-friendly Massai people.

3rd Day– After your breakfast, we will drive you back to the Nairobi.

Best Ways To Save Money

Before making plan about the budget, let us give you a clear picture about the money. There are many factors which can give you the most pleasurable experience in a moderate price.


As the driver is very familiar with the places of national parks and other destinations, there is no need to book other vehicle by giving more money. Let us transport you from one place to another through our excursion staffs.

300 USD: for the transportation of 3 full days in a safari van with detachable roof and the professional tour guide.

250 USD: for 2 nights in a private and well-maintained cabin of any one Safari Lodge.

80 USD: Entrance fee per person for 24 hours to Massai Mara National Reserve.

20 USD: For extra spending on the foods before reaching the game reserve.


You can book our Kenya Lodge Safari which depending upon your budget and the level of accommodation from standard to luxurious, you want to. If you want to get a real experience of wildlife at night, you can also avail tent only in $30.

You can also choose campsites, cabins, rooms, lodges outside of the entrance only in $50 to $80 per night.

The accommodation costs also include the price for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Staying outside of the park is the better option if you want to cut off your budget.


Tipping In Kenya Safari is not bound to tip a large amount of money to everyone. You can tip them, whose works seem satisfactory and unique for you. For tipping, you have to pay not more than $30 per day to the tour guide.

In case of chefs, drivers and other staffs, you have to tip not more than $ 20 per person. While tipping them, do not give in hand to avoid the awkward situation. Put the money in a parcel with a thanks giving note and give them as a reward for their services.

Fully Organized Trip

For a moderate or tight budget, you can choose fully organised trip rather than private safari. It will save your money and make your friend circle larger. In the fully organized trip, you will be put with other travellers and avail accommodations, transportation, meals and game drives with them.

The average cost for fully organized trip is $ 300- $ 400 per person for a 3 Day And 2 Night Safari In Massai Mara. However, it is much better to book private safari if there are more than two people in your group.

If you want to cut off your budget, then you have book your safari earlier and in advance. Believe me, the average cost you will pay for Massai Mara, you will get triple pleasure and can also save money. You can negotiate or bargain or ask for discount in the local shops and markets.

Aardwolf Africa Safari is one of the best destination management organizations and offers wide varieties of Kenya Safari Packages. Our services are provided through our friendly, dedicated and professional staffs To make your Kenya Safari Tour memorable and most enjoyable, our dedicated and professional team is always ready.

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