Are You Confused About What To Opt For Kenya Safari? Open or Closed Safari Vehicles!!!

open safari vehicle vs closed safari vehicle

The amazing east African country Kenya is having the world’s most exclusive wildlife in itself.

Kenya experiences much higher visitors than any other region of East Africa. As it provides a cheaper and closer view of wildlife.

Here you can spot the big 5, furious predators, and great Masai Migration. So, it’s guaranteed that you will not feel bored for a single moment.

Now, are you intended to go for Kenya Safari, on your next vacation?

If yes!!!

Do you know what will be more preferable safari vehicle for Kenya Destinations?

If no, then here we are to help you with this confusion.

Generally, three types of safari vehicles used in Kenya; open and closed land cruiser and tour minivans. Out of these, minivans are quite smaller in size. Though the open and closed vehicles are having a large and comfortable space but differ in view.

Here we have mentioned the difference between open and closed vehicle:

Open Safari Vehicle

Firstly the open safari vehicle is like the range rover or land rovers. These vehicles are having 4X4 space so that each one of you can have a clear wildlife view. These vehicles are specially used for game drives within the conservation areas and national parks of Kenya.

open safari vehicle

But these vehicles don’t have any defending barracks. The best thing is, your guide will sit on the bonnet of the vehicle with a chair to introduce every species. 

Let’s know about some advantages and disadvantages of game viewing with open safari vehicle in Kenya Destinations.


Clearer View

As there will be no obstacle between you and the wilderness of Kenya, so you can explore the animals in detail. It also offers the best sensing capability because you can listen, and smell the surrounding wildlife accurately.

Better Seating

Open Safari vehicles can easily adjust8 visitors at a time. Moreover, it gives a clear view of the surroundings to everyone. The seats of these vehicles are made in two layers, one upper than the other. From an open vehicle, you can see the species moving at your rear or below vision.

Drivers &Trackers

You will be provided with an experienced and knowledgeable local driver. Drivers will be sitting at their place in front, leaving a space to their right.

Our guides are well trained and skillful to help you in every step of safari. They can easily sense the animal’s movement and defines every single moment of Kenya Safari.


No rain protection

Open Safari Vehicle doesn’t have any roof, so if it rains hard then you will get wet. It will be better for you to wear rain jackets while going for an open Kenya Wildlife Safari.

Extreme Expose to Dust and Dirt

These vehicles don’t have any glass fence or net to cover the travelers from all sides. Therefore you will be exposed to extreme dust and dirt while the vehicle move. Better to wear a mask during the safari to enjoy it with ease.


Open Roof Vehicle doesn’t need any AC, it is so because these cars are exposed to the environment from 360 degrees. So you can feel the freshness in the air while moving. 

Closed Safari Vehicles

One of the best ways to experience the safari perfectly in the wilderness of Kenya Destinations is traveling in the closed safari vehicle.

closed safari vehicle

They provide safety from dust, rain, animals and other natural problems. Moreover, the feature of opening the top will enable you to picture the animals accurately.

Let’s know some of the pros of using a closed safari vehicle.


Windows and Pop-Up Roof

These vehicles are generally having two types of windows. One that can be opened vertically and horizontally whereas the other can be pop-up.

Similarly, the roof of these vehicles can be pop-up which will give you a 360-degree view with safety.

Better Storage

The open safari vehicles are large and wide sized, so it is having better space to store things as well as 8 people can sit comfortably.

Vehicles are attached to some modern gadgets, you can know about them as soon as possible.

Modern Gadgets

Two of the modern gadgets that you can be easily detected in closed safari vehicles are small icebox and battery. Here icebox is used to keep water cool and the battery is used as a supercharger for your phone and camera.

More Safety

As these vehicles are covered from all sides so no animals can attack you. It will also keep you safe from extreme cold and hot outer temperature as well as from dust and rain.

Here we can see that both the vehicles have their benefits, and no one is lesser than the other.

But if you are going for Kenya Excursions Safari for the first time then a closed safari vehicle will be a perfect idea. It is so because they can defend you to protect you from natural and wildlife acts.

Though you choose any of these vehicles, we are here to help you at every step. Aardwolf Africa Adventure Safaris is a native tour Management Company of Nairobi, Kenya. So, we know this place much better than others.

If you want to know more about Kenya Safari, then Contact Us.

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