Plan Your Kenya Safari Tour with Brief Details on the Timing, Weather and Seasons

Are you confused about the Best Time To Visit Kenya? With rich landscape diversity, Kenya is the home to delightful biodiversity. As per the different ecological conditions of Kenya, you can find deserts and alpine snows, forests, open plains, bushlands, the Great Rift Valley, moorland, etc. 

Finding the Best Time For Safari In Kenya as per the season, weather and ecological condition may be difficult for you. Generally, most of the visitors prefer dry season as the best time to visit Kenya. But the true beauty of the greenery nature with the emerald vegetation in Kenya can take your breath away in the wet season. If you want to take a perfect shot for the photography of Kenya’s mesmerizing nature, then the wet season is the best time for you. The seasons from November to March makes the period as the best time to travel to Kenya because of less sunny and a short rain climate.

There is a list Need To Know About Kenya which can make your decision clear for the Kenya Tours And Safaris.

When To Visit Kenya For Your Safari

Dry Season

If you are interested to make your safari less sunny to watch the great migration view of wildebeests, then from July to early September is the Best Time for Safari In Kenya. You will find the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara in August and stays there till October. You will find easier to spot the wildlife activities in between July and October. But normally there are two Best Time For Safari In Kenya. These are Late June to October and January to March.  You will get more crowds, especially from June to October.

Wet Season

If the emerald nature and landscapes are the favorite things for you, then the wet season is the Best Time To Visit Kenya. Kenya has two wet seasons. These are April to June with the long rain and November to December with short time rain. But except in between March and May, there are only short rains only in the afternoon. However, the wet season is the best time for the beautiful nature photography and the newborn babies of nature can be seen. But not seeing the great wildlife in the rainy season.

Some people choose the wet season for less crowded and low budgets. The prices of accommodation and tours drop in the wet season especially from March to June. As the migratory birds are present from September to April, the bird watchers can get the mixed taste of the dry and wet season of Kenya.

Climate Of Some Popular Destinations In Kenya

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park, famous for the large herds of elephant, and stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro. It observation hill offers panoramas of the peak with the park’s plains and swamps.

In the wet season, the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro is not clear. For a beautiful and clear view, wet months which is from November to May recommended. However, January and February is the cooler and dry period to get the best view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from this park. As a peak wet season, April to June offers the accommodations at a very reasonable price.

Masai Mara National Reserve 

The best time to visit the Masai Mara is in the period from late June to October and December to March. It is best for viewing wildlife and watching the animals around the rivers and lakes.

As the wildebeest stays during the entire month of September and October in Masai Mara, you can enjoy the live show of Great Wildebeest Migration in September and October.


The Best Time to Visit Nairobi is from July to October, as dry seasons. July month offers the lowest rainfall whereas, August month offers the cold season with low humidity in this park,

Generally, you can visit Nairobi in January, February and from July to October. As Nairobi city is the destination for year-round arrivals and business conferences, the price of lodges, hotels with accommodations does not vary on the basis of weather.

Samburu National Reserve

For watching the wildlife, dry month starts from June to October and December to March are the best. But this place can be visited any time of the year. In November, April, and May, spotting wildlife activities are very difficult because of the dense forests and long grass. The price becomes more affordable during April to June.

June and December is the best weather as nature is fresh and chill after the rains. But From November to March, you can see the better wildlife and migratory birds. It is not wise to visit this reserve in April and May due to worst road condition.

Tsavo East National Park

For the best wildlife view, June to October and January to February is the best time for a Tsavo East National Park. In November, April, and May, the greenery of nature is denser. The rate for facilities and accommodations are economical in between April to June.

To spot any wild animal, December to March, is the Best Time for Safari in this park. But November to April is the best time for birding in Tsavo national park.

Mount Kenya National Park

Though December to March is the sunniest months, most tourists choose this period to visit Mount Kenya National Park. March to May and October to early December are the wet seasons to visit Mount Kenya National Park.

Long dry season starts from the end of July to October, and the short rainy season is during November and December. In rainy season, only the price of accommodation remains moderate.

Best Time to See the Great Migration

The great migration enters the Masai Mara during late August and stays in the park till the October. So we are suggesting you to visit in the time from August to October. The herds of wildebeest leave Masai Mara in the late October and enter in to the northern Serengeti area of Tanzania.

Best Time To Go Birding

Kenya Destination is best for birding, you can see 1100 bird species. You will get the most pleasurable birding safari from September to April. As the migratory birds come from Europe and North Africa are present from September to April, so this time is the Best Time To Travel To Kenya for birding.

Is It Worthwhile To Take A Safari Trip During The Wet Season?

To avoid the crowd and getting the advantages of moderate price on accommodations and tours during wet season, it is worthwhile for a safari during rainy season.

Short rainy season is also worth because of the birding safari. Mid March to June can give a delightful photograph of emerald green denser vegetation. 

Visiting to enjoy the Kenya Safari and nature, in any month except April and May, can give you the most pleasant and memorable days of your life. The landscape extremes with the wildlife can give you a perfect taste of nature and wildlife.

If you are planning for the Kenya Safari Tours for the first time, then this information will help you. Aard Wolf Africa Safari gives the best safari experiences with the best facilities and most comfortable accommodations. Our staff members are learned, well-behaved, skilled and well-experienced to solve any problem in your safari and give you the most comfortable and enjoyable Kenya Excursions Safari.

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