Planning A Perfect Kenya Family Safari With Kids – Here Is The Topmost Guide!

Kenya Family Safari

Many families wait to have a beautiful time spend together. Kenya is the perfect destination for you and your family to board on an exciting adventure Safari.

A Family Safari in Kenya is a wildlife adventure that you and your children will never forget. Safari tends to Kenya, it’s always a great idea to enjoy it with family. Kenya Family Safari with Kids is always being worthy in terms of educating the kids.

Coming out of hectic schedules and clumsy cities can be more valuable by spending time with family safari. Well, is there any confusion about how kids can go to Kenya Safari? What is the minimum age of kid to have a Kenya Safari Tour?

These are very often the question comes to mind when a Kenya Family Safari you are wondering to plan. Our local Kenya Travel Guide can help you out for Best Time to Visit Kenya Safari with family.

Is It Safe to Travel Kenya with Kids?

Kenya Family Safari

It is logical to be worried about welfare in Kenya Safari with kids.

Outside the big savannah, it is usually very nontoxic in the national parks and nature reserves. So atmospheric environ are totally safe for Kids.

Watching cheetahs jumping onto safari vehicles may make you insecure, but these are the accident happen very rare.

Wildlife generally prefers to stay at distance from human beings and huge creature-like vehicles. As extended as we don’t interrupt the wildlife, they won’t disturb us.

It’s suggested that to make your kid alert about not giving any sign. So that the animal so that animals will not get disturbed.

Health Risks

You needed several vaccinations and Malaria tablets For Kenya Safari Tours in terms of protected from everything that was guided which include

Yellow Fever


Hepatitis A; Poliomyelitis;



For the best guidance visit the ‘Fit for Travel’ website. You must need injections including Yellow Fever. Surely take the certificate with you which have to show at the airport. So it is required to have the yellow fever vaccination to before Kenya Safari Tours.

Travel Visa for Kenya

Travel Visa for Kenya

Many country citizens including the US, UK, EU, and Canada require a visa for Kenya Safari. Simply application of a visa can be done online as e-visa. And be careful, there are numerous fake e-visa websites. 

A drive on safari costs around $250 per day. You will have a charge to pay which in the Maasai Mara are nearly $85 per head, per day (children over 5 are nearly $55 per day). There is no requirement of visas for kids having an age of below 16, regardless of nationality.

(Note: Children aged 16 and below do not require a visa to enter Kenya, regardless of nationality.)

When To Travel On Kenya Safari

When To Travel On Kenya Safari

Generally, the best time to visit Kenya is in either of the two dry seasons, from January to March or July to October. The Best Time to Visit Kenya Safari to locate wildlife in Kenya throughout the nice and cosy, dry season, and once the grass is brief, visibility is sweet, and therefore the weather is typically dry is just calendar month to Apr.

Our local Kenya Travel specialists suggest February, March calendar month because the best months for max game drive viewing. Visit from July to October, but you can able to locate wildlife all around the year.

 In rainy seasons; with the long rains happening between March and May, the short rains in October and November. Bring a rain jacket will be a wise idea as you don’t want to get caught out!

What to Pack on Kenya Safari

What to Pack on Kenya Safari

You really required to a guided pack for our family Safari in Kenya. You may need a little bit of everything like:

Summer dresses for the sunny days

Joggers and hoodies for mornings on safari

Shorts and t-shirts for the hot afternoons

Raincoats were needed for the short

Sharp downpours

Swimwear for the coast




Water bottle


Where to Stay On Your Kenya Safari

Where to Stay On Your Kenya Safari

Experienced tour operators suggest smaller tented campaign camps, that usually quite luxurious. Families normally have contact with camp workers, rangers, and Kenya Safari Guide further as alternative guests.

At meals and on the daily safaris, together is the most effective components of the trip.

There are separate lodges which are especially recommended for Family.

Why Tour Operators Are Better Option?

If it’s your 1st time on Kenya Safari with Kids, we like to recommend booking with a local tour operator that includes an experienced wildlife guide. A guide knows where to spot the animals and can share lots of interesting information about each animal.

Kenya Family Safari Highlights

Kenya Family Safari Highlights

Kenya Family Safari with Kids can be a life-changing experience for both you and your kids. Here is some Kenya Safari Highlights to planning a perfect Kenya Family Safari.

Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

It’s the home to the great 5 (except elephants) and probabilities of seeing them in natural habitat. We tend to have a Kenya Safari Guide will be there and see lots of animals in barely!

See Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Centre Park is one of the best places in the African countries to envision flamingos. Thousands of flamingos are often seen here massing within warm water. As Europe starts cooling in October, migratory birds begin to arrive here and stay till Apr.

See the huge 5 at Masai Mara

You can’t return to an African country and not visit the famed Masai Mara National Reserve. This huge biodiversity lies in the valley adjacent to Tanzania’s Serengeti. You must tend to still notice Elephant, rhino, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalos, and plenty of a lot of animals. Visiting Masai Mara with youngsters is certainly once-in-a-lifetime expertise.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

If you would like to try and do one thing special in Kenya Safari with youngsters, the interesting stuff is there. There’s nothing a lot of superb than going hot air flying over the Masai Mara. Bring your whole family to see the animals from higher.

Masai Village

Masai Mara is that the land of the Masai people, an ancient civilization notable to be warriors. Men in Masai were once expected to kill a lion to prove their strength and manhood. Recognizable for his or her red robes and beaded jewelry, the Masai people sustain themselves with the business enterprise.

Kilimanjaro at Amboseli Park

It seems like Africa is crowned by Kilimanjaro. Africa’s highest peak, the Amboseli Park is best notable for the spectacular landscapes. Many mountaineers come to hike the majestic mountain. It’s not advisable for families with kids.

Diani Beach

With its 17km of flawless, white sand, Diani Beach is that the preferred beach city in Kenya. The soft white sand and clean water undoubtedly create a good outflow once being on Kenya Safari.

Watamu Marine park

Green turtles and unique coral gardens – the Watamu Marine Park is a wonderful place to go to for water places. The park is a part of a fancy of marine and event habitats and plentiful birdlife and dugongs.

Well, having a wonderful safari with Family will might be one time in your lifetime. The thing you all need is the perfect Kenya Safari Guide. Having proper knowledge about the location and what Things to Do in Kenya if you are going with your family and kids. So for knowing more have a touch @ Aardwolf Africa Adventure Safaris. We are always here to welcome you Have a great trip with your family.

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