Rwanda Safari

What Do I Need To Know About Rwanda?

Rwanda is a land of culture, heritage, history, and natural wonders. There are many interesting facts need to know about Rwanda. Here are few of them;

  • The capital city of Rwanda is the cleanest city of Africa. Kigali; the capital city of Rwanda is the cleanest city of African Continent.
  • Rwanda is the first African country to ban plastic completely.
  • The country has more than 1030 hills; therefore it has acquired the title of “land of thousand hills”
  • The fastest recovery; the country has lost more than 1 million people in 1994 genocide. However Rwanda has recovered from its past very fast
  • Gorilla Conservation is another interesting factor of the country
  • Gorilla tracking is easiest in Rwanda than Uganda or Democratic Congo
  • Some of the finest coffee beans of the world are harvested in Rwanda
  • Never drink running water from tap in Rwanda, better use bottled wat or you may use purification tablets to clean water
  • Well, unlike Tanzania you don’t need to carry a yellow fever card to Rwanda
  • The official currency in Rwanda is the Rwandan Franc.
  • The Rwanda gorilla trekking permit costs $1500 per person

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