Tsavo National Park Overview

Tsavo National Park comprising of both Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Park is one of the largest parks in the world.

Highlights And Main Attractions Of Tsavo National Park.

Known as the biggest national park of Kenya, Tsavo National Park boasts a beautifully contrasting topography of volcanic hills and open grasslands.

With an area of 21,000 square kilometres, this park split into two parks Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Tsavo East is less developed than Tsavo West but more accessible

This park is also the home of ‘Big Five’ and Tsavo is also famous for its mane less lions. Tsavo East is more accessible than Tsavo West, but less developed.

Mudanda rock, a towering, quartzite formation in Tsavo National Park offers most scenic view while Galana River is located inside of the park.

Tsavo National Park Quick Facts

  • Known as the biggest national park of Kenya, Tsavo National Park makes up 4% of Kenya's land mass.

  • This park offers the opportunity to watch bathing of dust-red elephants in the Galana River and Tsavo West is known as one of the Kenya Safari Destinations that are known for large number of elephants.

  • Yatta Plateau of Tsavo National Park is the biggest lava flow in the world standing at 300km long which comes under Kenya Safari Facts.

  • Tsavo National Park divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East.

East & West Of Tsavo National Park.

In Tsavo East, “Mudanda Rock”, a towering breathtaking geological structure that extends 1.6 kilometres along the plains.

Tsavo East is famous for Kenya Safari Destinations because of mane-less and relatives of the man-eater lions, elephants with huge tusks, herds of buffalos, impala herds, dual-tone zebras, giraffes and others.

Tsavo East has extended savannah plains which are dotted with thorn bushes, stands of acacia trees, scrublands and woodland.

Tsavo West is famous for prominent Mzima Springs in the central region, Mzima Springs, Shetani caves and lava flow in western precincts, Ngulia Hills, Roaring rocks, chaimu caves and poachers lookout are the iconic places to visit.

Lake Jipe and Chala can be found in the south-western corners.Kenya Safari Tours offers birding with more 600 bird species and zebras, buffalos, giraffes, impalas, oryx, warthogs, cheetahs, hyenas, wild dogs, etc. including African Big Five.

Things To Do In Kenya Safaris include game drives, nature hiking, birding and bush walks in Tsavo National Park ,

Tsavo National Park Accommodation Options

In Tsavo East, the accommodations are Galdessa camp, Satao camp, Ashnil Aruba lodge and Voi Wildlife lodge.In Tsavo West, the accommodations are Finch Hatton camp, Severin Safari Camp, Voyager Ziwani Safari Camp, Kilaguni Serena Safari lodge, Lions Bluff lodge, Ngulia Safari lodge, Sarova Salt Lick Game lodge, and Sarova Taita Hills Game lodge.


  • One of the Kenya Safari Destinations boasts Wildlife viewing with African Big Five

  • Offers excellent birding

  • Offers to explore through off-the-beaten track options

  • Dramatic landscape with scenic places like the Galana river and Taita Hills


  • All tourism facilities are limited in a small area

  • Low wildlife densities.

Want to Visit Tsavo National Park?

Tsavo National Park can be reached within 3 to 4 hours from Mombasa or 10 hours from Nairobi. Using chattered plane, this park can be reached within 4 hours from Nairobi. May to October is The Best Time To Visit Kenya.

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