Uganda Safari

What Should I Expect On A Uganda Safari?

Uganda known as the pearl of Africa is a country to visit once in a lifetime. The country has to offer a fair opportunity to track mountain gorillas, chimps, big five of Africa, and stunning views all at once.

It’s an ultimate journey to enjoy the nature at its best. The sloppy peaks of the mountain that are covered by the lush rainforest are the best place for the primates.

The iconic attractions you can expect to explore are the mountain gorillas. Sharing 98% DNA of human the mountain gorillas are fun to watch. Imitating almost all expressions of human these giant animals though look furious but very shy by nature. Uganda has half of the mountain gorillas left in the world in its national parks.

Birding safari is another prime activity that you can expect to discover in Uganda. There are more than 1000 bird species in Uganda that can be spottable in various national parks of the country.

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