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Why Visit Rwanda?

Recovered well from its black past, Rwanda is now one of the emerging and fantastic countries to visit. Here are a few amazing reasons why Rwanda is in top of many visitors’ wish list;

Finest Coffee With Great Aroma-

Have you ever surprised while sipping a strong coffee in star buck or any high rate cafes? Well, the strong aromatic coffee you are sipping might be from a Rwandan coffee garden. The volcanic soil and the weather of the country are great for the coffee plants to grow.

Well, where many are aware of the coffee plantations of the country few know tea plantation also grows well just beside the coffee plants. You can explore some greenery of tea plantation too.

The Iconic Mountain Gorillas-

Mountain gorillas are another reason why people are fascinated about visiting Rwanda. Considered as the closest relatives of humans, mountain gorillas share 98% of human DNA.

Thanks to the incredible work of Dian Fossey’s hard work these endangered creatures gained more attraction of people.

Many gorilla families are residing in the mountain forest that is captivating enough to spend long hours with them.

The Unbeatable Beauty-

The mountainous beauty of the country, diverse landscape, greenery of lush rainforest, and great flora and fauna combination makes the country worth visiting once in a lifetime. Holding the title of “land of thousand hills” Rwanda is truly an excellent place to visit.

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