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Hello, all vagabonds! Your long-awaited Kenya Safari Tours can be possible now. Considering the decreasing cases of COVID-19, the global tourism body has awarded Kenya, to be the first country with, “Safer Tourism resilience Seal” tag. Kenya Tourism minister, C.S. Najim Balala has ensured the post-pandemic safety and security. As the country is encountering a small number of Covid-19 cases, it is now open for all the local and international travelers. So start preparing for Kenya Safaris and enjoy the wildlife with a close-up view.

Kenya Fight Against Covid-19:

Is there any question in your mind like, Is Kenya Safe? Of course, it is safe. As per the safety demonstrations by the Minister of Tourism, Kenya, all the proactive measures are taken to nullify the pandemic risk.

On 25th August Kenya declared free from the claws of Corona Virus. This depicts the huge victory of Kenya Fight Against Covid-19.

All the necessary steps are followed to avoid the risk of COVID-19, such as social distancing, proper sanitization, and good hygiene.

We, at Aardwolf Africa Safaris, taking extra care of our client’s safety. So your Kenya Safari is now safe for an adventurous experience.

Post Scenario Of Kenya Covid-19 Lockdown

Post Scenario Of Kenya Covid-19 Lockdown

However, after a long battle against Covid-19 Kenya has flaunted the winning flag with a descending number of death cases. To get refreshment after this long Covid-19 period, if you wish to choose one among the Best Places To Travel Post Pandemic, then Kenya Safari is the best for you.

Kenya has eased the pandemic rules as the country is in good situation according to COVID-19 statistics. Positive cases have been reduced and the death cases are tending to zero.

During Kenya Covid-19 Lockdown, the country imposed a strict night curfew from 9 pm to 4 am. Travellers from outside were bound to obey a mandatory 14 days quarantine period.

But now after reducing the COVID-19 danger, this has been eased. And the country has also lifted the 14 days quarantine system. Being concerned for the Future of Travel Post Covid-19, Kenya is rebuilding its tourism abiding by all the safety protocols.

It is quite obvious that many questions have raised about the safety of the travellers, but we have to be optimistic to fight back.

Cost Of Kenya Safari Post Covid-19

Cost Of Kenya Safari Post Covid-19

Usually, a perfect Kenya Safari Cost lies between $100 and $400. But the changing world has changed the scenario totally.

You may face some hike in airfare. Some hotels have also raised their tariffs too.

Depending upon the time of your travel cost may vary. To decide your budget package for the Kenya safari, please look at our page, Best Time To Visit Kenya Safari. These may affect your travel budget.

How To Plan Your Kenya Safaris Post Pandemic:

How To Plan Your Kenya Safaris Post Pandemic

If you are a nature lover then you are going to love this Kenya Vacation. To cherish the glorious touch of Kenya, you should start planning for the journey.  We, Aardwolf Africa, provide the BestKenya Safari Packages

If you are a nature lover then you are going to love this Kenya Vacation. To cherish the glorious touch of Kenya, you should start planning for the journey.  We, Aardwolf Africa, provide the BestKenya Safari Packages

If you are thinking of going on Kenya Safari Tours, then you must be physically fit for the adventurous life at Kenyan forest. So during this paused period of life, start with some exercises.

The first process for getting into the Kenya Safari Tours is to arrange the transportation. Travel and Tourism Post Covid-19 has been changed some rules and regulations at the airport, especially in the sector of Post Covid-19 International Travel norms. Post Covid-19 Air Travel added some extra focus on maintaining safety and hygiene with the enhanced screening process, proper social distancing, sanitizing procedure, face mask, hand gloves, etc.

Let’s start your Kenya Safari Packing List. Make sure you have a proper visa and passport having a minimum of 6 months of validity. Generally, a safari bag includes,

  • Full sleeved t-shirts
  • Head torch
  • Your comfy wear
  • Cargo pants
  • Cotton trousers
  • Footwear
  • A good book(if you are a books’ person)
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen(to fight against the sun)
  • Essential medicines
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal Sanitizing Equipment
  • Face mask
  • Hand gloves

Still, facing problems? Please refer to our page, Kenya Travel Guide.

“Change is the only constant.”

Life will keep changing, but we have to cope up with the new changing world. For this pandemic lockdown, nature has healed herself. The beautiful nature has become more beautiful. Don’t you want to see this heavenly Mother Nature so close? Aardwolf Africa Safaris is here to help you in all aspects for your adventurous life in Kenya.

We Are Just A Call Away, Contact Us! Grab The Best Offer.

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